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Welcome to the Friends of Gulf Branch Nature Center (“FoGBNC”) web site.  FoGBNC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to enhance, through public and private resources, support for the Gulf Branch Nature Center in Arlington, Virginia.

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Dear Friends of Gulf Branch,
To bring everyone up to date, following our successful 50th Gulf Branch Nature Center (“GBNC”) Anniversary Party, we entered into intense negotiations with the County for the renovation of the Native American Room. We regret to inform you that after five years of efforts, we have been unable to reach agreement with the County for the renovation of the Native American Room at GBNC.

To recap, we offered to fund 60% of the project costs up to a maximum contribution of $300,000. We also gave the County the concept and fit-out designs, which we paid a professional design firm to develop. However, we were met with red tape and procedural delays each time we submitted (many) draft agreements. Consequently, we have withdrawn our offer to the County, noting our willingness to reconsider the project if there was interest in
pursuing a mutually acceptable agreement.

This comes as a major disappointment to us and to the many people who have supported our efforts with their time, advice and donations.

As a result, the Board of Friends of Gulf Branch Nature Center (“FoGBNC”) recently met to consider our future relationship with Gulf Branch and the County. For the present, FoGBNC will continue to provide support for GBNC in the form of advocacy for its budget and programs, as well as financial contributions for mutually agreed projects. The Board is also actively considering steps to broaden our support for other nature center activities in

The decision to continue our relationship with GBNC is in recognition of the continuing support and affection of the entire community for one of Arlington's vital natural resource gems. Maintenance of parks, walking trails and nature programs continues to be one of the major priorities for all Arlington residents. In spite of our disappointment, we believe FoGBNC can and should continue to advocate on behalf of these priorities.

Please feel free to contact me and/or our Past President Marx Sterne with your comments
and concerns.

Burt Bostwick, President
Friends of Gulf Branch Nature Center
[gusfs63 at gmail dot com]
Marx Sterne, Past President
Friends of Gulf Branch Nature Center
[marxsterne at gmail dot com]


VIDEOS of our 50th Anniversary Events

Thanks to the video producers at the Arlington Career Center for making these great videos:

Gulf Branch Nature Center’s 50th Birthday Party

Gulf Branch Nature Center Symposium- June 2, 2016

Birthday Parties

Effective January 2017, birthday parties will be scheduled and handled by GBNC staff. If you would like to book a child's birthday party at the nature center please contact Ken Rosenthal (Krosenthal@arlingtonva.us) or Jennifer Soles (jsoles@arlingtonva.us) or call  703-228-3403.